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Defined in the auto.schema.org extension. (This is an initial exploratory release.)
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Thing > Property > accelerationTime

The time needed to accelerate the vehicle from a given start velocity to a given target velocity.
Typical unit code(s): SEC for seconds
Note: There are unfortunately no standard unit codes for seconds/0..100 km/h or seconds/0..60 mph. Simply use "SEC" for seconds and indicate the velocities in the name of the QuantitativeValue, or use valueReference with a QuantitativeValue of 0..60 mph or 0..100 km/h to specify the reference speeds.

Usage: Fewer than 10 domains
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This element is based on the work of the Automotive Ontology Working Group, see http://www.automotive-ontology.org for details. Many class and property definitions are inspired by or based on abstracts from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Schema Version 2.2